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Welcome To Page 6:Molly's World

My Kitten:Molly

There is my new kitten Molly. Isn't she the cutest? She and Max are so great. Let me fill you in on Molly. She is a little tabby female. She is about 12 weeks old,or almost 12 weeks old. Her full name is Molly B. She is named Molly B. after my Grandma's old cat Molly B. she died,she was a great cat. Anyway,I got Molly from my aunt. My aunt got her from a family at a softball game that was giving away free kittens. One bad thing about Molly is that she was REALLY hard to train to a litter box,but she is fine now. Molly is a really sweet kitty. She has a great purrsonality. She is very active and loves to play. She loves everyone and everything. Her favorite toy is the pink ball with a bell in it. She bats that thing around all the time. One really cool thing about Molly is when she purrs. She has the loudest purr. I love it and she sleeps with me and Max. She is tooooo great. Max loves her. But he didn't when she first came. They fought soooo much. He would jump on her and slap her with his paws(claws in). He would hiss at her and she would hiss back. But after about 5 days they became great friends. So now they are bro and sis,they play together,sleep together,and stalk birds together. Molly is so funny,she pounces on everything. Well I'm not exactly sure of Molly's b-day,it has to be sometime in June(i think). Well that's it,that's my other sweetie. Here is another pic. Hope ya'll think she is cute,I sure do.

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