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Welcome To Page 5:Max's World

My Cat:Max

Well there is my baby! The picture up above is Max and me. Isn't he the cutest little sweetie? I hope ya'll love that picture of my baby,if not I have another one down at the bottom of the page. Well,let me tell you about him. These 2 pictures of him were taken March 2,1998. He is 6 months and some odd days old.Max is a seal point siamese,and he is still a kitten and loves to play!!! He has had all of his shots and I keep him well groomed. A sad sad event happened to my sweet heart,this tragedy happened in late January. Max had been missing the night before the day he was attacked. I was outside at about 9:00 looking for him and I fell and sprung my ankle. So the next day I didn't go to school cause I could barely walk, and believe me if you knew how crowded my school is then you would know I would have fallen like 20 times in the hallways. Well everyone in my family looked all over the neighborhood that night, and we got very worried cause we live by a busy street so we thought he might have got hit. Well the next morning Max was still missing!!! So I got up with an Ace Bandage around my ankle and limped outside, then I called and called for him and I didn't find him. Then my Grandpa said "Come on in Brigitte,you won't be able to find him." But I said "awww alright." Well just as I was turning around to go into the house I looked up in the tip top of a tall tree and there was my sweet little snookems sprawled out over a limb. I started screaming "my baby,my baby!!!" Well we couldn't get him down it was soooo high. So we called my uncle(which happens to be a roofer) and he got him down. God bless my sweet dear uncle!!!(round of applause for my uncle)!!! Well I noticed dear little Max was limping,so I said "hey ya'll I think something is wrong with Max,he is limping." So we took him to the vet. It turns out a larger cat had decided to chew a little on my sweetie's leg. He had 2 small holes where the cat bit him, he had to have 3 stitches. Then for 2 weeks we had to give him medicine to fight infection. The medicine we gave him were pills,so we had to stick this long thing down his throat twice a day. We had to give him 2 different pills not just 1. Poor Max!!! Thank the sweet Lord above he recovered with flying colors!!! Now he is up and active!!! Ok enough sadness for one day,let's talk about the good things about Maxamillion. I made it up myself,one day I was just thinking and I decided for his middle name to be Budavich. Anyway,Max is also a very smart cat. He can figure how to do things like open doors and stuff all by himself. Let me tell you,he can catch a fly like no other cat I know!!! Well,other than what I've told you there is not much more to my sweetheart. Let me see...he has crossed eyes,and the cutest little feet!!! I think you can tell that I love my baby alot!!! Well,he is like my child. The first day he was missing(he was a baby)I screamed and cried!!! I am too over protective of him. Well, I hope you have enjoyed learning about my baby,don't worry later on there will be more info on Maxamillion Budavich. Well, continue surfing through my page,I have a message board for ya'll and more stuff!!! HAVE FUN!!!

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