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The Wonderful World Of Siamese Cats4

Siamese Newsletter

Ahh!! Great news all!!! The newsletter is up and running,I am sorry that I kept delaying,but I just sent out the July issue!!! OK!!! Listen up all you Siamese finatics!!! I am now starting a new special program on my webpage called the "Siamese Newsletter". Every month I will send out a newsletter to the "members". What I mean by members is that I will send out the newsletter to the people who ask to have it sent to them. If you would like to recieve it just post your request in the messageboard,guestbook,or email me. It doesn't have to be a long,fancy-schmancy email,just say something like "i would like to recieve the siamese newsletter". If you are wondering, and I am sure most of you are,"what is the point of this newsletter". The point of the newsletter is to inform people with info,links,and special reports on Siamese cats. The newsletter will include tons of info,links,facts,advice,and current news updates concerning my webpage and Siamese cats. This newsletter will have special advice on picking out Siamese cats and what to feed them and general stuff,I won't be putting that on the webpage because it will be alot of text and info to it,and I don't want to use up all my space,plus I won't my visitors to have fun stuff that everyone can relate to on my webpage,and not everyone is going to want to know what kind of special stuff there is and that can be done for Siamese cats. There will also be a surprise in every newsletter,every newsletter that I send out every month will be DIFFERENT and will havea a DIFFERENT surprise in each. I will probably send out my first newsletter starting in the beginning of May(today's date is April 22),I need some time to gather all the fun stuff and put it in the newsletter. Also,I want you to feel totally free to tell me any questions,comments,and suggestions. You can tell me negative comments too,I need constructive critism from my viewers so I can improve my website,and make it a happy thing everyone can enjoy. I need your suggestions,not just on the newsletter,but the site too. Most of all I won't you to feel free to ask me any question you like,and I know some of you are thinking "i can't ask her this,it's stupid." Well guess what,there is NO stupid question. So don't be shy about the questions,don't worry,I'm not going to post them up to for everyone to see,the questions will be seen ONLY by me. But if you wouldl like me to post a question on the page or in the newsletter like "How long have Siamese cats existed?" then I will,but only with your permission,I want some people to see the types of questions and learn something from them,but trust me,I won't post ANY without your permission. So come on,send those emails,post those messages,and ask those questions,I want ya'll to get involved in my webpage and Siamese cats!!! Go ahead join the newsletter!!! :-)

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