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The Wonderful World of Siamese Cats2

Info On The Historic Breed:Siamese

So far I hope you are enjoying "My World",and I hope you are eager to learn more about the wonderful breed of Siamese,well keep surfing through and you will!!! Well,here is a little FYI to get you started: The breed known as "Siamese" originated in Thailand. I guess that's why Siamese cats look so "different",because they are oriental. Siamese cats originated in Thailand. Siamese are OFTEN used as showcats. Crossedeyes,kinked tails,or "apple" heads are considered "flaws" in the Siamese breed. In Thailand when the Siamese were first "there" only Royalty could own them,Siamese were considered guardians of the temples,treasured companions,and they were considered souls of royality. Siamese are very intelligent and independent. If you had a Siamese back then,then you had a royal treasure. The first Siamese in the U.S. lived in the White House,as a gift to Mrs. Rutherford B. Hayes. Siamese are considered sophisticated because of their brilliant blue eyes,pointed ears,pointed face,legs,and tails.The different kinds of breeds are Seal Point,Chocolate Point,Blue Point, Lilac Point,and Color Point. Siamese cats are smart creatures and should always be loved,sometimes they are treated like pure showcats,well being a showcat can be good,but working it too hard is NOT. Also,a theory many people have is that Siamese cats aren't sweet and loving cats. Some are and some aren't,it just depends on the cat itself. No two cats are alike,they might look alike,but trust me,there dispositions won't be alike. Just give it lots of love and care and I am sure it will do the same to you. Another thing is that,some people tend to think Siamese cats are ugly and not a very good breed of cats. Well,that is soooooo WRONG!!! Siamese cats are LOVELY creatures,and is a very high class breed of cats. So,please everyone love your Siamese(all cats too),and try your best to give it love,care,and a good home!!!

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