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Very Very Very Important Buttons and Info

Allright people, if you haven't paid attention to any of my site than this is the page you need to start paying attention to. Everyone please spay/neuter your cat/dog. There are so many feral cats and dogs out there today that is unbelievable. If you don't spay/neuter than you are just adding your self to that HUGE HUGE list of people who really don't care about their animals and just let them have kitties and puppies and dump the kitties and puppies. Don't get me wrong, I love kitties and puppies, if you do want kittie and puppies and can take care of them then you really aren't adding yourself to that HUGE HUGE list. But most people can't take care of the kitties and puppies and just dump them. It's not right! Animals have rights too. Too many kitties and puppies are dieing everday because they got dumped and died. These buttons below are very important. Some of them are about cat abuse, spay/neuter, and the wonderful Lord. These are very important buttons. If have a website and care about these things, then go ahead and take these buttons. Please pay attention to these buttons.

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