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I'm Giving An Award

Hello. I have decided to give an award to all those cool cat pages who deserve it. The award is called Brigitte's Purrfect Site Award. To apply for this coveted award then just email me telling your name,title of the site,URL of the site,and describe it a little. Here are some rules you must follow before applying for my award.

1.NO pornographic material,must be sutible for kids.

2.NO content showing animal abuse WHATSOEVER!!!

3.Must be cat related.

4.Frames are ok,if the page loads quickly.

5.Some typos are ok(everyone makes mistakes),but not alot.

6.Must be more than just links.

7.No stolen copyright inmages.

8.Must be fun and creative.

9.You must link back to my page.

That's all. So what are you waiting for,email me and apply!!! Please don't "steal" the award. Just apply and I will visit your site.

b a c k g r o u n d c o l o r

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